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Architectural Lighting Installation

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Exterior Smart Lighting

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New Fuseboard

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Architectural Lighting Installation

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EV Charging

EV Charging Specialists

There is no doubt that the future of the automotive industry is going to be electric.

Bespoke Electrics can install charge points at your home, rental property or workplace. 

Consumer Unit Replacement

 The hub of your house

Your consumer unit is a vital piece of electrical equipment in your household. In the last few years technology with regards to safety and smart, energy efficient homes has come a long way. 

Ask Bespoke Electrics about our free visual inspection service. 

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

Vital safety inspections

As with any mechanical systems, they deteriorate over time. How much they deteriorate is determined by many factors.

An EICR gives you peace of mind that everything in your installation is safe. 


Temporary Power Services

BS7909 Design and Installation

BS7909 is a standard for temporary electrical systems in the UK.

With years of experience providing services for Buckingham Palace and unique venues of London we can provide design, installation and testing for BS7909.

Smart Homes

Live and work smarter

The way we use and control our homes is ever changing. Now we can turn on and off pretty much anything from miles away on our phone. 

From small local systems such as Ring, Arlo and Nest to large scale systems as Lutron, AMX and DMX systems we can help you live and work smarter.

Lighting Specialists

Interior, Exterior, Architectural

Lighting is a key design area in any residential, commercial or architectural setting. 

The type of fixture, its placement, colour temperature and control method are all vital for creating the right mood and effect. 

We can help deisgn and install everything you need.


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