Your consumer unit or fuse board is the hub of your house. It provides power to everything that you use on a daily basis while you are at home and even when you are away and gives you protection against electric shocks, burns and potential fires.

Very likely its something that you never look at until there’s a problem or you are having someone do some work on your electrics. Over the last few years regulations have changed regarding safety and although there’s not always a need to upgrade, it can often make a big difference to reduce loss of power and future plans.

There are many types of consumer units around, re-wireable fuses, fuses, circuit breakers, split load RCD’s and RCBO’s. Not only that, but surge protection devices are now becoming a regular for new circuits and consumer unit upgrades.

The recommendation would always to go with an RCBO replacement board, these provide individual earth leakage protection to circuits meaning in the event of a fault you will only lose the circuit with the fault and not a bank of circuits.

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