The electrics in your house, as with all other electrical and mechanical systems deteriorate over the time. How fast they deteriorate is dependent on mangy factors. The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is full health check for your electrics, similar to an MOT for your car.

An EICR comprises of a visual inspection and an electrical verification, both have their place in determining the condition the installation. The visual inspection can identify potential issues with the installation or give clues to where potential issues may arise. The electrical verification performed by testing the cables using a multifunction tester can determine issues with cabling and circuits that we cannot see on the visual inspection.

These reports are often overlooked by many home owners because ‘nothings tripped or gone wrong’ but if you spend money every year on an MOT for your car, why not spend money on your home every five or ten years? Once the report is finished you will receive one of two outcomes, satisfactory or unsatisfactory. We will so provide you with a cost for any remedial works that are required to provide a satisfactory report or recommended upgrades.

Costs for a domestic EICR are simple, £75 per consumer unit that we need to inspect and £30 for every circuit that we are required to test. If more than one circuit is in a circuit breaker, i.e multiple lighting circuits, then each of these are £30. You can certainly find companies willing to perform EICR’s a lot cheaper, but these are often less thorough and will not provide you with an accurate report.

An EICR can be more invasive than customers often think, so we can created this pdf that gives you more information about how we perform an EICR and what to expect.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.